Track 1: Introduction and chapter 1.

Track 2: "Janie saw her life like a giant tree"

Track 3: "The older woman sat bolt upright"

Track 4: "There are years that ask questions"

Track 5: "Long before the year was up"

Track 6: "On the train the next day"

Track 7: "Janie was astonished"

Track 8: "Every morning the world flung itself"

Track 9: "This business of head rag irked her endlessly"

Track 10: "Out in the swamp"

Track 11: "Daisy is walking a drum tune"

Track 12: "The years took all the fight out of Janie's face"

Track 13: "After that night Jody moved his things"

Track 14: "Joe's funeral was the finest thing"

Track 15: "On the day Hezekiah asked off from work"

Track 16: "Janie wanted to ask Hezekiah about Tea Cake"

Track 17: "Janie walked towards the staircase slowly"

Track 18: "It was after the picnic"

Track 19: "Jacksonville"

Track 20: "After a while there was someone playing a guitar"

Track 21: "To Janie's strange eyes"

Track 22: "The house was full of people every night"

Track 23: "Janie learned what it felt like to be jealous"

Track 24: "The season closed"

Track 25: "A great deal of the crowd were back"

Track 26: "Since Tea Cake and Janie had befriended"

Track 27: "They huddled closer"

Track 28: "Tea Cake and Janie were some distance from the house"

Track 29: "And then again"

Track 30: Tea Cake didn't say anything against it"

Track 31: "When they were alone"

Track 32: "The court set"

Track 33: "Because they really loved Janie"